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Seahawks draft and offseason

Posted on: June 7, 2008 2:20 pm

Since the offseason is pretty much over and were not expecting anything major signing wise coming out of the Seahawks camp its maybe time to look back at the offseason with the draft and signing now in the rearview mirror.

Most important signing - Dosent go to a player but to new offensive line coach Mike Solari who should be able to turn around this group and maybe just maybe get them playing again at a high level. Walter Jones seemed to be playing a bit slow last season maybe trying to make up for Rob Sims who knows. But having a vet like Mike Wahle next to him should bring him back up to his status. Chris Spencer and Sims need to continue to improve under this new coach who seems to get great things out of his players esspecially when he was with the Chiefs and creating a line the really helped Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes.

Worst Signing - Carlos Silva... oh wait wrong Seattle club. I am going to agree with someother posters here that Julius Jones is vastly overpaid this year but then his contract becomes very manageable over the last few years. Something Shaun Alexanders wasnt at least. Really I dont think there were any to terrible signings since we didnt have much cap room to do anything to over the top stupid.

I think the team did a good job this offseason by completely overhauling the running game in the backfield and trying to bring in a tough o-lineman since Tom Ashworth seemed completely useless as a signing other than being able to swap in and play most positions. Something Floyd Womack can do for one or two series before getting injured at least. TJ Duckett gives Holmgren something he seems interested in using, I get the sense Holmgren is excited to have this big back and is schemeing up ways to get him in the game. Jones is the big question mark and well probably be splitting time with Maurice Morris back there. But at least Jones can pass block and catch the ball out of the backfield something Shaun seemeed to forget how to do over the years. Yes there are similarities between Morris and Jones but this gives the team a better chance of masking their options and keeping both of them fresh. Last year if Shaun was in the game it was either a pass or Shaun to the flats. If it was Morris it was either the wheel and go or some draw play it seemed in my opinion.

Best draft pick - Owen Schmitt, who dosent like getting this beast on the field? He also should contribute on special teams some helping the loss of an overpaid Niko.

Worst draft pick - having to give up so much to get John Carlson. Now dont get me wrong I want the guy on the team but I wish we didnt have to give up so much to get him. I think hes better than Dustin Keller and Fred Davis based on the facts that hes more well rounded than either of them.

The draft was painful seeing Rashard Mendenhall fall so far only to be snatched up by the hated Steelers. I think Lawrence Jackson well help give us a good rotation with Patrick Kerney, Darryl Tapp and Baraka Atkins for the future. John Carlson is going to open the middle and should give us a solid receiving TE who we dont have to worry about with DUI's and drug charges all the time. Red Bryant is a beast and should help clog the middle and keep Rocky Bernard fresh and clean for passing downs and pressure up the middle, also if we can get him and a healthy Marcus Tubbs it well be great. The LS Tyler Schmitt finally addresses that issue after the debacle of the Saints game. He is the best LS in the draft and well heck we needed one. The guy also plays LB and can probably do some damage in special teams. Brandon Coutu should take over the kicking duties if not after preseason but sometime in the middle of the year. Justin Forsett is interesting since we already were going into the season with Morris, Jones, Duckett, Shmitt, and Leonard Weaver so Im wondering what role he might be playing with the team. Maybe doing something with return duties since we are going to need to take good care of Nate Burleson but Josh Wilson has talents in that dept so we will see.

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Posted on: July 14, 2008 5:09 pm

Seahawks draft and offseason

In the post draft review, I kept wondering, "why the @#$& did we draft Lawrence Jackson", But now I realise that he is a good way to push Darryl Tapp, and also add depth to the DE position. And I think that Carlson may actually turn out to be one of seattle's best picks this year, he has underated speed. As well as hands, which are by the way the size of dinner plates. He is a pretty good blocking tight end and is well rounded at almost everything. Red Bryant was the right person to pick in the fourth round, he is a massive guy with size to jam the running game in the middle. Owen Schmitt is a good fulback but will start of as a 2nd stringer to Leonard Weaver. And Tyler Schmitt is a good LS but this selection brings back bad memories. Brandon coutu has a powerful leg and he may be able to contribute on special teams kickoffs. And Justin Forsett was a good pick in the 7th round. So I would basicly grade this draft class with a B+.

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Posted on: June 11, 2008 5:14 pm

Seahawks draft and offseason

Agreed  96%  51.

Agreed   77

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Posted on: June 10, 2008 6:49 pm

Seahawks draft and offseason

Nice post, 51.  Solid all the way through.  I don't think fans will see Owen Schmitt on the field as frequently as they're hoping just because he's gone one steep learning curve to go from WVU's offense to this one.  I think he'll get more PT as the year goes on and Holmgren trusts Schmitt's ability to read his assignments.

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